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Global Heating!

not "only global warming…

Global Warming is real! But in people’s mind it is connected to limiting the CO2 emission and the “greenhouse-effect”

OK... For the better understanding let us examine what happens in a little greenhouse and later on, draw the parallel to the global environment.

A greenhouse is covered with glas or a double or triple layer Polycarbonate plates for better insulation. Both will let the infrared radiation from the sun pass and protect the inside from the weather around.

The same we find in larger scale around our globe....

The protected inside of our little greenhouse can be heated up by converting the IR radiation into heat by the green of the plants (or something black) or artificial by burning oil or gas or by using electricity.

From now on, we will always question wether or not we will add heat to our greenhouse which has not be there befor or if it is truly “sustainable”? (as we will later on compare with our globe)

If we imagine a large tank of gas or oil under our little greenhouse and we use of that for heating, it is easy to compare with the real world (we will add heat from underground sources), but let us go into detail:

A part of the heat will get lost thru the glas and we only need to add so much heat as get lost in order to keep a stable temperature inside. Some (or all) of the heat is delivered free of charge from the sun. If the temperature is getting too hot inside, we have to reduce heating or shade for the radiation from the sun. That is easy in our little greenhouse, but not on the whole globe...

The “insulation” of the globe is affected by the emission of CO2, resulting in “better” insulation. To reduce the CO2 emission is unfortunately the same as working a little on the insulation

On order to keep the temperature stable on our globe, we have to reduce heating, but on the radiation of the sun we have little influence. About CO2, we will wait and see what happens and the only parameter left is reducing artificial heat...

To make an important point already at this place (and to keep you interested) is a short view at the use of solar panels:

They are generally considered as “renewable energy” and CO2 neutral, but...

Because they are generally black, they convert the IR radiation from the sun into heat which is going into the air immediately and the electricity they produce is finally also turned into heat!!!


Study the IR pictures! See how much heat is emitted from my solarpanels and from my black roof!!!

Ergo: they add heat to the environment, which has not been there before!!!

Same with Windmills, waterpower plants, nuclear power plants a.s.o.: they add heat to the environment, which has not been there before!!!

On top of that comes everything manmade which is black: black roofs, black roads a.s.o. everything turns IR radiation into heat!!!


And something you most obviously never thought about: you yourselv are a heat converter!!! Turning food into heat!!!
You have a heat emission of about 3 kW: every day!!! and if you multiply that with the about 8 billion other people on the surface of the earth, it is quite a lot (and growing!!!)

I will collect and place pictures of more “heatconverter’s” with more IR pictures!

I do not have a solution for the problem, I just would like to make more people aware of the case and maybe we can find some people out there who can contribute with input of facts & figures?

I will start with our own little family and calculate how many MegaColories we are emitting to the environment over the year, which would not be emitted if we would live like in the stone age

But as we most obviously do not want to do that, it looks for me, as the global warming unfortunately is not to stop

I will see to create a page on FaceBook under the name "Globalheating" in order to make a dialog possible…