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GLUNZ & BÜLTER Travellers-camera from 1868

As school-kids we disassembled an old camera from my friend Detlev van Heuvel (where is he today?) in order to use the lens as sun-burning-lens. We found it funny, that my name was engraved on the lens... (this camera is definitively not existing any longer)

1958 I started as apprentice at Axel Springer Publishing in Hamburg as reproduction-photographer and later I remembered the existence of the Glunz-camera, now where I came into this industry, and started searching – without InterNet in this old days...

1971 I emigrated to Denmark as head of R&D for a company, manufacturing processors for the photographic / graphic industry.

1973 we founded Glunz & Jensen A/S, today listed at the stock-exchange in Copenhagen, still producing processors for all kind of use.

During this years I travelled most of the world and scrutinized every camera-shop, which had anything to do with old cameras for a GLUNZ-Kamera.

In the late 80’s I found the first camera with a GLUNZ-lens in Hamburg! In the beginning of the 90’s we found a 9x12 GLUNZ-camera in Hamburg, with a beautiful Xenar, which I got as present from my wife and now I got the 3rd one, a smaller 6x9 GLUNZ-camera with Tessar, on an auction at E-Bay.

Almost simultaneously a little stamp from GLUNZ-Kamerawerke in Hannover-List came up at E-Bay which I have been happy to get too.

And on December 29th, 2009 I succeeded on another auction on E-Bay with an old Travellers camera from 1868. Shown on top of this page

I would be very happy to get in contact with other collectors of GLUNZ-Cameras (E-Mail) or if someone could make contact with the branch of the Camera-GLUNZ-Family for me?

Reijo Lauro in Finland has a very interesting homepage with ”Glunz”- and other cameras...